Month: April 2009

Energized, De-Energized and Over-Energized

Performing requires a balance of a huge number of factors that can make or break your ability to communicate effectively. Breath and sound, thought and emotion, action and reaction, ease and effort. As you perform, you release energy through your

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Final consonants deserve a fair bit of attention in a speech warm-up. That’s because there is a range of articulations available to the actor that are, for most people, beyond what we do in everyday speech. As contemporary everyday speech

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Aspiration As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, everything has a beginning, middle and end. In terms of speech, awareness of beginnings and endings is helpful is varying your performance for different settings, from the most intimate on-mic technique, to the most challenging

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Vocal Qualities

Vocal Qualities are variations in the way you speak. These could be just about any modifier to your "regular" voice and speech pattern, but here we’re going to focus on changes to your voice "tone," done primarily at the breath

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Placement Playtime

"Placement" is a term we use to describe the sensation of the voice through sympathetic vibration. In this step of our warm-up, we’ll explore making changes to the vocal tract to make our voices sound different. If we feel the

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