Month: March 2012

What is Intelligibility?

When an actor works in a large space, there are at least two major concerns: can we hear her, and can we understand her. Being audible is one thing. Being intelligible is quite another. Today actors are called upon to

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Making the Language Concrete—The Hand Touch Exercise

Approaching a piece of text, any piece of text, is a daunting task. The job of the actor interpreting a text is to get the words off the page, into your “system,” and out your mouth in such a way

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What have I been up to?

Where does the time go? So I haven’t been writing VoiceGuy for the past few years. What have I been up to instead? I have been, occasionally, working with my friend and colleague, Phil Thompson from UC Irvine, on a

Where to Begin… again

So I’m back to writing as Voiceguy. My goal is to post one blog post per week for now. If I manage to do more, then great. But once a week is a start. Think of it a bit like