Month: April 2012

World Voice Day

Today is World Voice Day. This year the theme is “make your voice count” and we’re called upon to let people know about how important voice is in everyday life. From teachers, to politicians, to medical professionals, to lawyers, to

Lighten Your Dark R

Earlier this week I did a post on Lightening your Dark L . Today we’ll compare that quality and exploration with the nature of vowel R’s. What’s a vowel R you ask? We distinguish between two kinds of R generally—

Lighten Your Dark L

Dark L is the version of the /l/ consonant that most English speakers use at the ends of syllables, after a vowel, as in tile, hull, school. Depending on your accent, you may have a different kind of /l/ sound

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Consonant Cluster: /-sts/

Getting greater articulatory detail in your speech comes from making sure that you include consonant cluster sounds rather than elide them when you feel that the emphasis will serve you. Today we’ll look at a final consonant cluster that frequently

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More Soft Palate Resources

It seems as though Soft Palate posts are the most popular material on my site—every day more people come here looking for stuff on the soft palate than on any other topic. I noticed that Jim Johnson, over at the