Month: June 2012

Jaw Swinging on Triads

This post will combine the Jaw Swinging exercise of the Intermediate Warm-up with the descending triads used in the Resonance BasicsĀ of the Basic Warm-up. The sound of the descending triad can be heard in this audio file. If you can

Support the Breath is Alive documentary Campaign

I am supporting LJ Nelles and Laurel Paetz’s documentary about my mentor, David Smukler, on IndieGoGo. IndieGoGo is Canada’s equivalent to KickStarter. The film will be called “Breath is Alive” and will feature footage of David teaching and interviews with

Ribs: Stretching the Sides

Voice training in North America owes a lot to the influence of Yoga on our training methods. I am anything but a yoga practitioner, but I have to say that my teaching is full of excises that I learned from

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Exhaling with the Internal Intercostals

The internal intercostals (Wikipedia) are muscles that are on the inside of the ribcage, mostly on front, around the sternum, and out to the sides. They are in between each rib and the one beneath it. These aren’t casual, every-moment-of-every-day

Sniffing up the Ribs

In reviewing the site, it appears to me that the big hole in what’s on offer at this point is exercises about the ribs. The philosophical choice to come to ribs later in the process is based on the idea

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