Month: July 2012

Bathtub Breathing

Here’s something for you to try out next time you take a bath. I am generally a shower kind of guy, but the other day I opted for a bath. Our family tub is, compared to others we’ve had in

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On Knowing it All

I remember helping out a grad student once when she was doing a voice pedagogy related thesis that required some input from voice teachers by way of a lengthy survey. As a thank you, she sent the participants some fridge

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Orality vs. Nasality

I think that most of us have heard of nasality before. Did you know that it’s opposite is something called orality? It makes sense, I suppose. As we have discussed in other blog posts, this nasal quality comes from dropping

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Canada Day today

In Canada it’s our National Holiday today. So no new post today. Maybe I’ll get one in during the next few days.