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Further Lip Isolations

Lip Isolations [An earlier, more basic version of this exercise is available.] Waking up the muscles of the face is a great task that helps prepare an actor for the work ahead, whether it be a rehearsal at home, in

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Habit vs. Natural

In one of the early posts on this site, Breath Basics, I suggest that you just use the breath that comes naturally, or habitually, to you. Are those the same thing? Well, I guess that depends on how aware of

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The Pause that Releases

Coca-Cola used the phrase “The Pause that Refreshes” as a slogan starting in 1929. This post is about a pause that can happen in the breath cycle, between the inhalation and the exhalation. In my post about Sustaining Breath, I

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Exhaling with the Internal Intercostals

The internal intercostals (Wikipedia) are muscles that are on the inside of the ribcage, mostly on front, around the sternum, and out to the sides. They are in between each rib and the one beneath it. These aren’t casual, every-moment-of-every-day

Sniffing up the Ribs

In reviewing the site, it appears to me that the big hole in what’s on offer at this point is exercises about the ribs. The philosophical choice to come to ribs later in the process is based on the idea

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