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Intermediate Warm-up Series Introduction

If you’ve been following along with the blog, you know we’ve worked our way through a ten step┬áBasic Warm-up Series. Today begins the next series, a set of ten steps that, taken individually will increase your knowledge of your voice’s

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Intermediate Warm-up Series Playlist

The Intermediate Warm-up Series includes audio for each of the exercises outlined in the blog. These audio files can be downloaded here individually as separate .mp3’s. As the VoiceGuy develops, you will have the opportunity to download more steps in

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Conclusion to the Intermediate Warm-Up Series

So we've worked our way through another series of warm-up steps. What have we gained? Perhaps a little better understanding of breath, sound, and the body parts (anatomy) that shape your voice, in particular the tongue, jaw and soft palate.

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Jawless Text

This post is available for download as an audio file. This exercise seeks to challenge you to integrate some of the feeling you've gotten from the warm-up up to this point into your acting. In particular, the focus is on

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Articulation of Fffricatives

This post is available for download as an audio file. In this post, I'll take you through a warm-up exercise for your articulators, in particular the consonant sounds that make friction. But first I'll talk you through a little theory

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