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My Jaw, My Puppy, Myself

OK, I am trying to be on a schedule with writing these posts, and, mea culpa, I fell off the schedule. The bus. What have you. But rather than beat myself up, I’ll do as I tell my students: get

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Separating the Actions of the Jaw and Tongue Part 2

We've just isolated both the jaw and tongue. Now we need to combine the jaw and tongue. The sounds that are probably the most difficult to do with tongue alone (read impossible to do without the jaw) are /s/ and

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Separating the Actions of the Jaw and Tongue

There are two preparatory parts to this step in the warm-up, and then the "exercise" that brings those two components together. [Because the prep portions are so long, I'm going to post this as two separate posts.] To separate the

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Head-Jaw Relationship

In my experience as a voice teacher, I've found that tension in the jaw is often related to tension in the nape of the neck, where the head and neck connect. When I teach people to shake their jaws, more

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Jawless Text

This post is available for download as an audio file. This exercise seeks to challenge you to integrate some of the feeling you've gotten from the warm-up up to this point into your acting. In particular, the focus is on

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