Month: March 2012

The Emphasis Recipe

As the other posts in the Intelligibility Series have very clearly outlined, I strongly believe that intelligibility is a question of balance. Finding the right way to balance the language you speak will go a long way toward making your

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Neck Stretching

In this post, I’ll be reviewing how to do neck stretches. The goal here is to stretch out your neck muscles prior to beginning your voice work-out. There are muscles on all sides of your neck, so we need to

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Strong Forms and Weak Forms

This weeks blog post is about strong forms and weak forms of words and how they help to make the language we speak more intelligible. Weak forms occur on small, less important words (like prepositions and articles) that link the

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Last article was about Mumbling, so, to be fair, this article will be about its opposite, Over-Articulation. Over-articulation is, as one might guess, the process whereby we give too much energy to the articulation of our thoughts, dialling up the

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The Mumble Method

In this second instalment of the Intelligibility Series, we’re going to look at what Intelligibility isn’t. Of course, we’re talking about mumbling, which is defined as “to say something indistinctly or quietly, to mutter something under one’s breath.” What I’d like

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