3: The Advanced Warm-up Series

This is the beginning of our third warm-up series, and this time the level of the material is more advanced. The expectation is that you will have worked your way through the material of the Basic Warm-up Series and theIntermediate Warm-up Series first, or will have worked with a voice trainer before, either privately or in a training institution, like an acting conservatory or university theatre program.

The steps of this warm-up are as follows:

  1. Introduction (this post)
  2. Breath in the Pelvic Bowl
  3. Voice in the Pelvic Bowl
  4. Exploring Upper Range
  5. Head-Jaw relationship
  6. Tongue Flapping, in and out
  7. Soft Palate Floating
  8. Lip Advancing, Rounding, Spreading
  9. Facial Resonance and Twang
  10. Articulation of L and N on the Gum Ridge
  11. Text: beginnings and endings
  12. Conclusion

As I did last time I began a new series, I’m adding a second post today. As this post really just outlines the series, I’m certain you’d like something new to explore today. The bonus is a post on another physical exercise used in voice work, “Neck Stretching.”

NEXT STEP: Breath in the Pelvic Bowl