1: The Basic Warm-Up Series

This is the beginning of the first series of warm-up entries for The VoiceGuy. Here is a basic warm-up that takes you through all the necessary components of an effective, simple voice warm-up. The Series goes one step at a time, outlining the reasons for each step, and the practicalities of doing that component of the warm-up.

This Series is perfect for anyone who has never studied voice before, or anyone who is new to the VoiceGuy site. It will expose you, bit by bit, to the kind of voice exploration you can do at the VoiceGuy, and as you explore it you can build it up to a warm-up that you can easily practice on a daily basis. More experienced actors, especially those familiar with my teaching or the teaching of a qualified voice trainer, may find the entries a little too basic, but the steps might serve as a gentle review, especially if you haven’t done any voice work in a long time!

The warm-up consists of 10 pieces, after this introduction:

  1. breath basics
  2. getting on voice
  3. exploring range
  4. jaw basics
  5. tongue stretch basics
  6. soft palate basics
  7. face awakening
  8. resonance basics
  9. articulator basics
  10. taking it to text basics



In order to use the Basic Voice Warm-up, it’s recommended that you read your way through the 10 blog entries, and then you can download the audio components that correspond to each one. The entire Basic Warm-up Series can be heard via this page.



There are now three Voice Warm-up Series: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, plus the Speech Warm-up Series. I’ll also be creating variations on each of the steps in the voice warm-up, so that you can begin to mix your own Warm-up Playlists, in order to match the style of warm-up you think you’ll need.

From there, I expect to be creating recommended Playlists, making suggestions regarding warm-up length, intensity, and focus, so you can use your time effectively to reach your goals.