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F***ing Around with your Voice

When people ask me what the best way to get better with making the sounds of language, whether it be English sounds, or new sounds of the world, my answer is simple: “F*** around with your voice.” I say this

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Further Lip Isolations

Lip Isolations [An earlier, more basic version of this exercise is available.] Waking up the muscles of the face is a great task that helps prepare an actor for the work ahead, whether it be a rehearsal at home, in

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Give me excess of it: Post-vocalic Continuants

ORSINO: If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it. One of the more challenging things an actor must tackle in trying to be more intelligible in a large venue is dealing with the tendency

Lighten Your Dark R

Earlier this week I did a post on Lightening your Dark L . Today we’ll compare that quality and exploration with the nature of vowel R’s. What’s a vowel R you ask? We distinguish between two kinds of R generally—

Lighten Your Dark L

Dark L is the version of the /l/ consonant that most English speakers use at the ends of syllables, after a vowel, as in tile, hull, school. Depending on your accent, you may have a different kind of /l/ sound

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