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Squat Breath

Encouraging breath in the lower part of body is something that I like to do in all of my classes. The best way to get started with this is with the squat. Squatting is one of the exercises that many

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Jaw Swinging on Triads

This post will combine the Jaw Swinging exercise of the Intermediate Warm-up with the descending triads used in the Resonance BasicsĀ of the Basic Warm-up. The sound of the descending triad can be heard in this audio file. If you can

What is Intelligibility?

When an actor works in a large space, there are at least two major concerns: can we hear her, and can we understand her. Being audible is one thing. Being intelligible is quite another. Today actors are called upon to

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Intermediate Warm-up Series Introduction

If you’ve been following along with the blog, you know we’ve worked our way through a ten stepĀ Basic Warm-up Series. Today begins the next series, a set of ten steps that, taken individually will increase your knowledge of your voice’s

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Intermediate Warm-up Series Playlist

The Intermediate Warm-up Series includes audio for each of the exercises outlined in the blog. These audio files can be downloaded here individually as separate .mp3’s. As the VoiceGuy develops, you will have the opportunity to download more steps in

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