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Further Lip Isolations

Lip Isolations [An earlier, more basic version of this exercise is available.] Waking up the muscles of the face is a great task that helps prepare an actor for the work ahead, whether it be a rehearsal at home, in

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Bouncing the Lips

In this step of the Speech Warm-up Series, we look at the lips, and explore warming them up for a certain kind of sound: stop-plosives. We'll get to fricative sounds later in the series. The lips are important in the

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Lip Advancing, Rounding, Spreading

There was an ad on tv when I was a kid for Adam's Sour Chewing Gum, whose slogan was "Sour Power!" and "Pucker Power!" Well that should be the slogan for at least part of our step today. We'll be

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Lip Isolations

This post is available for download as an audio file. This exercise is always easier if done in front of a mirror, or with a small hand mirror to aid you in seeing what you’re doing. Getting your lips going

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