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Facial Resonance and Twang Part 2

In Part 1of Facial Resonance and Twang, we enhanced resonance awareness by focusing on vibrations in the nose. In this step, we'll focus our awareness in our mouths, and feel the sensations in the bones of the face and skull.

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Facial Resonance and Twang

One of the most important skills an actor, or any public speaker, can learn is to enhance the sensation of vibration in their face. When you feel vibrations in the bones of your face, then you're using your voice in

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Chest Resonance

This post is available for download as an audio file. In this step of the Intermediate Warm-up, we'll be focusing on creating and feeling resonance (aka "buzziness") in your chest. This is easiest to feel on the lower part of

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Resonance Basics

This post is available for download as an audio file, so you can do the work along with the recording.   Waking up the feeling of vibration that we commonly call “resonance” in voice work could begin in any number

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