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Orality vs. Nasality

I think that most of us have heard of nasality before. Did you know that it’s opposite is something called orality? It makes sense, I suppose. As we have discussed in other blog posts, this nasal quality comes from dropping

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Feeling the Soft Palate Move

What is the deal with the Soft Palate? There are three major holding blocks on the voice that Krisitin Linklater identifies in Freeing the Natural Voice: the Jaw, the Tongue and the Soft Palate. Jaw tension really limits the speaker’s

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Sipping the Soft Palate Up

If you’ve been looking at this site, you’ll know that the three Voice warm ups ( Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced ), you will know that each warm-up features a step that’s about the soft palate. It turns out that my

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Stretching the Soft Palate

So far, in the three Voice Warm-up Series (basic, intermediate, advanced), we have looked at the soft palate 3 times, once in each series. Hopefully you can use those warm-up steps (basic, intermediate, advanced) to learn about the soft palate.

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Soft Palate Floating

We've done a number of soft palate exercises now with the Basic and Intermediate Warm-up Series now, so it's now time to work on seeing whether you can independently lift your soft palate without doing other exercises to get it

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