Month: May 2012

My Jaw, My Puppy, Myself

OK, I am trying to be on a schedule with writing these posts, and, mea culpa, I fell off the schedule. The bus. What have you. But rather than beat myself up, I’ll do as I tell my students: get

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Relishing Vowel Length

To Relish, the verb, means ” To take pleasure or delight in; to enjoy greatly,” and ” To give flavour or relish to; to make appetizing. Also fig.” or so the OED tells us.  So when I encourage an actor to relish

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Hiatus this week

Due to a family health crisis, Voiceguy is on hiatus this week. Regular posts should return on May 17. Thanks for your patience! I have added a new Intelligibility Series page to the Warm-up Series tab above.

Sipping the Soft Palate Up

If you’ve been looking at this site, you’ll know that the three Voice warm ups ( Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced ), you will know that each warm-up features a step that’s about the soft palate. It turns out that my

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Muscles and structures of voice

I searched Twitter for #voice #speech and came up with this great link to a PDF of a slideshow by Berkeley’s Keith Johnson for his linguistics 110 course. It features images of anatomical structures involved in breathing and voicing (aka