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Time for a New Coat of Paint

After many years, I have decided to go with a new design for The Voice Guy. This should have a better responsive design to work on phones, tablets and computers, and just look “fresher”. In the days and weeks to

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What have I been up to, 2014 edition

Back in 2012, I wrote a post that outlined what I’d been up to for the two years that I had been on hiatus from Well, it seems like it is time for me to do that again! I’m

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The Path to Granny’s House

[I called my late grandmother, Jill Cragg, Granny, never Grandma. She was a wonderful person in every way. ] This week, I’ve been working in my voice class on Shakespeare Sonnets. We’re nearing the end of dune unit, and so

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F***ing Around with your Voice

When people ask me what the best way to get better with making the sounds of language, whether it be English sounds, or new sounds of the world, my answer is simple: “F*** around with your voice.” I say this

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Gravity and Breath

Letting breath “drop” is a common expression amongst a certain kind of voice teacher, including myself. It’s connected to the feeling of letting breath into the lower part of the abdomen, with a contraction of the diaphragm and a release

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