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Hiatus for remainder of August

Due to a bunch of projects that I’ve put off ’til the end of the summer, I’m going to have to put the VoiceGuy on hiatus for the remainder of August. Blog posts will resume on September 6th. Thanks for

Looking back on the VASTA conference 2012

My flight back from Washington DC has been cancelled and they moved me and my colleague from York University, David Smukler, to another flight 4 hours later. We’ve been sitting, catching up with our reading, and I thought I might

Singing a Text

The last few posts have focused on approaches to the text, with Intoning, and Whispering. Today, we’ll go even further with exploring a text, by using improvising a melody to go along with the words of your text.[I certainly never

Canada Day today

In Canada it’s our National Holiday today. So no new post today. Maybe I’ll get one in during the next few days.


Here in Toronto, it’s hot right now, and so my dogs are doing a fair bit of panting. And this reminded me that I haven’t covered panting on this website yet, and so that’s what I’m going to do today.