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F***ing Around with your Voice

When people ask me what the best way to get better with making the sounds of language, whether it be English sounds, or new sounds of the world, my answer is simple: “F*** around with your voice.” I say this

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Whispering the Text

Generally speaking, whispering is not considered very good for your voice. Because your vocal folds are held stiffly together, loud whispering can dry out the vocal folds very quickly. So you don’t want to whisper for long periods, and certainly

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Further Lip Isolations

Lip Isolations [An earlier, more basic version of this exercise is available.] Waking up the muscles of the face is a great task that helps prepare an actor for the work ahead, whether it be a rehearsal at home, in

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R You Speedy?

In my last post, we covered the similarities and differences between bunched /r/ and apical /r/, made with the back of the tongue and the front of the tongue respectively. The front /r/ we called an apical /r/ because it

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Really Larry: R and L

/r/ and /l/ are two of the more “difficult” consonants in English. Many non-native speakers struggle with these sounds, as they are not part of their first language. There are many variations of these sounds, so in this step we’ll

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