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Chopping and Linking

Chopping and Linking Words that begin with vowels pose a challenge to actors. How to speak these sounds? When anything begins with a vowel, there is a tendency to initiate the sound with a glottal attack. This is done by

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Tempo: Dragging, Slow, Medium, Fast, and Rushing

“Faster, Louder, Funnier”: Actors often joke about how directors of comedies really only have one note. And part of that note has to do with tempo, the rate at which the actors speak. And more often than not, the demand

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Final consonants deserve a fair bit of attention in a speech warm-up. That’s because there is a range of articulations available to the actor that are, for most people, beyond what we do in everyday speech. As contemporary everyday speech

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Placement Playtime

"Placement" is a term we use to describe the sensation of the voice through sympathetic vibration. In this step of our warm-up, we’ll explore making changes to the vocal tract to make our voices sound different. If we feel the

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Non-English Sound Exploration Part 4

In this step, we’ll experiment with variations on Central vowel sounds. So far, we’ve been working our way through the various non-English vowel sounds, starting with Gliding back and forth through the Close Vowels, then Sliding downward with the Front

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