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Gravity and Breath

Letting breath “drop” is a common expression amongst a certain kind of voice teacher, including myself. It’s connected to the feeling of letting breath into the lower part of the abdomen, with a contraction of the diaphragm and a release

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Body Alignment

Alignment is something that has been part of Actor training for a very, very long time. In old days, it was called Posture, or sometimes Deportment, and it was about how to hold your body so that it looked the

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Basic Warm-up Series Playlist

The Basic Warm-up Series includes audio for each of the exercises outlined in the blog. These audio files can be downloaded here as a single file, compressed in .zip format, or individually as separate .mp3’s. As the VoiceGuy develops, you

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The Basic Warm-up Series Conclusion

Now that we've worked our way through the first series of Voice warm-up exercises, we've got some basic tools to create a regular warm-up with. Warming up only works if you're diligent enough to warm-up on a regular basis. The

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Taking it to Text Basics

This post is available for download as an audio file, so you can do the work along with the recording.   Now that you've warmed-up your voice and your articulators are going, now's the time to apply this new-found sound/sensation

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