Advanced Warm-up Conclusion

We've made it to the end of the Advanced Warm-up Series, and now you have at least 30 possible steps from the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced series that you can mix to create your own, personalized warm-up. Owning this material comes from experimentation with it on a regular basis, taking the time to use it to develop your self awareness and your voice skills. If you've worked your way through the entire series, good for you! Give yourself a slap on the back.

The plan from here on out is to add voice exercises on a free-fall manner, as they come. We'll be walking our way through a menu plan, similar to the structure of the three warm-up series outlined already, so that you can pick and choose components in a manner similar to making a French dinner with the plan of hors d'oeuvres, fish, meat/poultry, cheese, desert, coffee… More to come!

The next "series" is a warm-up focusing on speech in particular, so that you can prepare for those days when you need greater attention on your articulation skills.


Eric Armstrong is the voiceguy. Eric is a dialect, voice, speech and text coach based in Toronto, Canada, where he normally teaches full-time at York University’s Dept. of Theatre. Eric has been teaching voice for the actor full-time since 1994, and has taught in Canada and the US, at the University of Windsor, Brandeis University, Roosevelt University, Canada's National Voice Intensive and York University. He has worked for nationally and internationally recognized companies such as Crow’s Theatre, Volcano, SoulPepper, & Canadian Stage in Toronto, and The Court Theatre and Steppenwolf in Chicago. Eric holds a BFA from Concordia University (Montreal) in Theatre Performance, and an MFA from York University (Toronto) in Acting. His mentors were David Smukler (York, Canada’s National Voice Intensive) and Andrew Wade (Royal Shakespeare Company). He has also studied at the Drama Studio, London, and Il Stage Internazzionale di Commedia dell’Arte in Reggio Emilia, Italy. He’s a long time member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association, where he has served on the board, as a conference planner, photo editor for the Voice and Speech Review, Founding Director of Technology and Internet Services, and has written numerous peer-reviewed articles, essays and reviews for the VASTA Newsletter, the VASTA Voice, and The Voice and Speech Review.

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