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Sniffing up the Ribs

In reviewing the site, it appears to me that the big hole in what’s on offer at this point is exercises about the ribs. The philosophical choice to come to ribs later in the process is based on the idea

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Neck Stretching

In this post, I’ll be reviewing how to do neck stretches. The goal here is to stretch out your neck muscles prior to beginning your voice work-out. There are muscles on all sides of your neck, so we need to

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Advanced Warm-up Conclusion

We've made it to the end of the Advanced Warm-up Series, and now you have at least 30 possible steps from the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced series that you can mix to create your own, personalized warm-up. Owning this material

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Text: Beginnings and Endings

Peter Brook is known for having championed the idea of "beginning, middle, and end" in everything on stage, including the beginning, middle and end of the play, the scene, the beat, the moment, the speech, the sentence, the phrase, the

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Articulation of L and N on the Gum Ridge

This post is available for download as an audio file. One of the things we work on a lot in my voice and speech classes is isolating the tongue from the jaw. Put simply, the goal is to train the

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