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Advanced Warm-up Conclusion

We've made it to the end of the Advanced Warm-up Series, and now you have at least 30 possible steps from the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced series that you can mix to create your own, personalized warm-up. Owning this material

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Conclusion to the Intermediate Warm-Up Series

So we've worked our way through another series of warm-up steps. What have we gained? Perhaps a little better understanding of breath, sound, and the body parts (anatomy) that shape your voice, in particular the tongue, jaw and soft palate.

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The Basic Warm-up Series Conclusion

Now that we've worked our way through the first series of Voice warm-up exercises, we've got some basic tools to create a regular warm-up with. Warming up only works if you're diligent enough to warm-up on a regular basis. The

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