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Advanced Warm-up Conclusion

We've made it to the end of the Advanced Warm-up Series, and now you have at least 30 possible steps from the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced series that you can mix to create your own, personalized warm-up. Owning this material comes from experimentation with it on a regular basis, taking the time to use it to develop your self awareness and your voice skills. If you've worked your way through the entire series, good for you! Give yourself a slap on the back.

The plan from here on out is to add voice exercises on a free-fall manner, as they come. We'll be walking our way through a menu plan, similar to the structure of the three warm-up series outlined already, so that you can pick and choose components in a manner similar to making a French dinner with the plan of hors d'oeuvres, fish, meat/poultry, cheese, desert, coffee… More to come!

The next "series" is a warm-up focusing on speech in particular, so that you can prepare for those days when you need greater attention on your articulation skills.


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Conclusion to the Intermediate Warm-Up Series

So we've worked our way through another series of warm-up steps. What have we gained? Perhaps a little better understanding of breath, sound, and the body parts (anatomy) that shape your voice, in particular the tongue, jaw and soft palate. For these steps to work, you need to practice this stuff regularly and with care.

The next series will tackle an "Advanced" Warm-up, which will probably be the last series of this kind for some time. I mean it to be the next step beyond this intermediate warm-up, and the three series, basic, intermediate and advanced, should serve as a starting place to working on your voice on a regular, daily basis. These warm-ups are meant to be mix-n-match, so you can play around with any of the exercises as you see fit, as long as you cover all the food groups in your warm-up.

Once I've worked my way through the Advanced series, I plan to do a series on speech, and then I expect the blog to take on a rather different schedule, working each day of the week on a different topic, including speech, text, dialect, accents, presentation, and related skills (like practising or memorization). There's a lot ahead for the voiceguy and for you, so I hope you'll keep coming back to visit.

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The Basic Warm-up Series Conclusion

Now that we've worked our way through the first series of Voice warm-up exercises, we've got some basic tools to create a regular warm-up with. Warming up only works if you're diligent enough to warm-up on a regular basis. The goal is not only to prepare yourself for the day, but also to build skills through your warm-up. So over time, this warm-up will become far too simple, too easy for an actor to find particularly useful. You'll need to update your warm-up by adding new exercises from the VoiceGuy, and from other teachers and resources, like books on voice and/or speech.

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The entire Basic Warm-up Series is available as audio files from the Playlist page.

The VoiceGuy aims to put the tools in your hands to enable you to maintain your practice, without a teacher to constantly guide you. Look for more advanced series of warm-ups, podcasts and playlists in future postings of the blog. As those elements are added, I'll update this page with links to those resources. Starting tomorrow I'll begin the Intermediate Warm-up Series, with another ten step process through the voice work.

If you're finding these tools make you want to explore more voice work, please seek out a trained voice professional in your area. The Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) has a list of trainers, also listed by Country/State, that you can contact to find more information on further training. There is nothing like having a teacher to guide your learning!

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